We are on a mission

To find plant-based recipes for local dishes from every country in the world. Tradional recipes that are vegan by default. Because we want to collect the best plant-based flavors from all around the planet. But also: because we want to show that eating plant-based has always been a thing. 

VeganEvergreens is the ultimate free resource for people who want to discover traditional vegan dishes from all around the world.

We'd like to take you on a vegan trip around the world

There’s no place better to receive plant-based dishes than your mailbox. Well, maybe your dinner table. But that’s not what we do. What we do-do: send out our newest discoveries in the world of traditionally vegan dishes. Once a week. And you’re invited :-).

"Best mailinglist in the world! And I don't even like vegan food."
Tim's grandma

Hi! We are Tim & Jolanda

We are on a mission to collect plant-based recipes for traditional local dishes from all around the word. Recipes that are vegan by default