Tim Thijssen

Tim likes cooking. A lot. Tim was also 'on his way' to becoming a vegetarian for the better half of the last decade, until he met Jolanda in 2018 and became vegan overnight. Happiest on a food market in Asia, or in any kind of cafe that serves a proper double espresso. Cooking motto: "No garlic, no glory."

Samfaina is pure vegetable dish

Spanish Samfaina (Catalonian version of Ratatouille)

Plant-based has always been a thing… We say it so often that we decided to build this entire website around it! It happens quite a bit that we find plant-based recipes from different cultures that are very much alike. Sometimes by influence, sometimes because the combination just makes sense. The vegetables of this Catalan dish are found in French ratatouille as well. The Catalonians call it Samfaina, which translates into ‘symphony’.