We are on a mission to collect the recipes for tradional local dishes from every country in the world. Recipes that have always been plant-based.

Hi! We are Tim and Jolanda

Happy members of Team Herbivore for a couple of years now and not at all bored with the taste of veggies, legumes and nuts. And yes: we like tofu too. A lot. Just not as much as we like tempeh. 

We are totally happy in our own little vegan bubble, drinking Oatly cappuccinos and thanking Impossible Foods and bloggers around the globe for the existence of amazing vegan burgers.

But there is one big but. And that is, that as soon as you leave your own kitchen, the amount of plant-based options decline. Significantly.  Which can be a pain in the ass when eating out and even more: when traveling. 


We found out though, that no matter where you travel, there is always a traditional local dish that is plant-based. Or as we like to say: vegan by default.

How we embarked on this mission

In March 2020 we left our office jobs. Two enthousiastic newly-weds with big plans to spend all of our savings traveling the world, while building a yet-to-be very succesful website on international train travel. 

However, in little more than a week some nasty submicroscopic infectious agent – that we are not going to grant anymore fame than it already has by naming it on this page – got us stranded in Thailand. Leaving us with no trains to catch and no place to go home to.

Bummer? Well, yes. But only for 4 bears and a family pack of potato chips. 


When life gives you a pandemic you make ... a website on traditional plant-based food

We’d been talking for quite some time about collecting all the traditional plant-based flavors of the world. To show that eating plant-based has always been a thing.  And can be much more basic than replacing steak with seitan or chicken with tofu.

We select traditional recipes by one rule: you need to be able to get it at a local food stand. So we will ocassionally switch fish sauce for soy sauce and do minor replacements and omisions alike. But we won’t go for pizza with vegan cheese or chili sin carne. 

We kicked off our mission in this tiny little kitchen of a rented apartment on Koh Samui, Thailand. With just 1 wok and 1 cooking pan. But hey, if locals have been making staples of a dish for years, how many kitchen supplies could one possibly need?

If you want to help us complete our mission, we more than welcome your enthusiasme!

P.S.: Pardon our English – we’re Dutch 🙂