Thai Lemongrass Iced Tea

Is it a tea? Technically this Thai Lemongrass Iced Tea isn’t, since there are no tea leaves in it. But practically, it is drunk as an ice tea: boiled, flavored water, with a fair amount of sugar cooled down and poured over ice.

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Thai Lemongrass Tea

We don’t know about you, but here in Thailand we had a very hot week! Time for some classic refreshments. So we made an authentic Thai Bael Fruit Tea as well as this Lemongrass Iced Tea.

The Thai like to drink their Lemongrass Iced Tea on a hot day or along spicy food. And though I could drink this all the time, I’m definitely with those who call it a perfect refresher for scorching heat.


For 6 glasses

Ingredients for Thai Lemongrass Tea
  • 6 stems of lemongrass, crushed (and 1 more for garnishing if you like)
  • 2 limes, sliced
  • 1 tablespoon of brown sugar (you can leave this out if you want a healthy, drink-all-day-every-day type of drink)
  • Optional: ½ inch (1 cm) of ginger and/or turmeric, peeled and sliced
  • Optional: a few mint leaves

Kitchen utensils

  • Saucepan

How to make Thai Lemongrass Iced Tea

  1. Remove the rough ends of the lemongrass stems and rinse under streaming water.
  1. Crush the lemongrass stems and cut them into inches (2 ½ cm).

  2. Add the crushed and cut lemongrass stems into a saucepan filled with 8 glasses of water. If you choose to add ginger and/or turmeric, add those slices here as well.

  3. Let simmer for about 15 minutes. After 15 minutes, take off the heat and add 1 tablespoon of sugar. Stir well until the sugar is dissolved.

  4. Cool down and refrigerate until cool.

  5. Pour over ice, serve with a sliced lime (and optional mint leaves) and drink the same day. Dilute to taste (I normally add 1 extra unit of water to 2 units of the icetea).


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Hot or Cold: Thai Lemongrass Tea is delicious


Recipe: Thai Lemongrass Iced Tea
Country: Thailand
Prep: 5 min.
Cook: 15 min.
Total: 20 min.
Ingredients: lemongrass, brown sugar, lime
Type of meal: drink

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